HEXAHOME consists of designing a responsive house prototype that will fulfill the needs of communities affected by natural disasters due to climate change. It consists of a flexible hexagonal unit built with natural and reachable materials that with the correct maintenance will remain safe and durable. The prototype is designed around an hexagonal shape given the different degrees of connectivity that it allows, providing dwellers  to work and interact in multiple ways.

HEXAHOMES are highly adaptable to to different kinds of emergency situations, including flooding. In this case, the design includes temporary floatation capabilities, increasing resiliency and decreasing risk.



Face the natural disasters and emergencies due to climate change by implementing a new prototype of house that will respond in a resilient and effective way.


Awareness of the environment and the surrounding getting profit of the nature, natural and recycled materials and natural sources.


Empower the community to be resilient and participative in the construction process allowing them to be inclusive, to implement new values and sense of belonging.


Provide to low – class communities the opportunity of a safe and affordable house, without putting them in risk of a emergency.

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